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We are doctors, nurses, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, patients and caregivers working together to save and improve lives by simplifying health.

Our Vision
Medivo's vision is to save and improve lives through simplifying health

Quick Facts About Medivo
Founded: 2010
Headquarters: New York City
Employees: 60
Founded by physicians and healthcare entrepreneurs.
Sundeep, an entrepreneur passionate about improving patients’ healthcare experience, Jason and Destry, both physicians looking to bridge gaps in the system, founded Medivo to empower patients to get better treatment, enable physicians to more effectively care for patients between visits, and eliminate waste in our healthcare system.
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Medivo Employee
Medivo Employee
Three founders, one shared mission for better care.
As the founder and former CEO of Medsite, Sundeep’s early focus was on educating physicians with online access to continuing medical education. Though he successfully helped physicians improve care, he also wanted to directly aid patients. Sundeep was motivated to bridge the gap in patient care after his wife had a lab test performed a few years ago. Anxious to review the results with a family member who is a doctor, she was unable to access her information. After repeated calls to her doctor’s office, they became frustrated and eventually gave up. Sundeep knew that there had to be a better way and determined to empower patients in their medical care.

For several years, Destry led medical education programs helping physicians find new ways to improve clinical treatment and track patient outcomes. He was acutely aware of the challenges confronting the U.S. healthcare system around quality assessment in patient care. Over time, he discovered how analyzing clinical data sets could help uncover gaps in care and help physicians bridge these gaps with effective solutions.

After six years in his medical practice treating one patient at a time, Jason wanted to reach more patients. He realized that he didn’t always have the right tools or information to adequately manage patients. He knew he could impact more patients by creating Medivo.

So the three connected to develop free, easy-to-use tools and services that would help save more lives. Medivo was born from the passion, dedication, and vision of Sundeep, Destry and Jason.
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