Hello, we're Medivo!

Let us introduce ourselves.


We are doctors, nurses, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, patients and caregivers working together towards fulfilling our vision to discover and enable ways to improve health from the world's data.

Sundeep and Jason - Medivo

Jason Bhan, MD, Family medicine physician

In 2003, Jason began practicing medicine in the suburbs of Washington DC. Always a technologist, he searched for ways to combine his passions, to improve health, at a grander scale than one patient visit at a time.

Sundeep Bhan, eHealth entrepreneur

At the same time, Sundeep was in New York leading Medsite, a cutting edge health tech company (sold to WebMD). In this role, Sundeep was able to engage and educate thousands of physicians and in turn help hundreds of thousands of their patients to better treatment options.

In 2010, Jason and Sundeep joined forces, along with Destry Sulkes, to launch Medivo, with a goal of delivering on the promise of precision medicine by providing decision support on the use of targeted therapeutics. Medivo’s data analytics services have the potential to impact the health of millions of patients.

We are on a mission to unlock the power of lab data to improve health

Our People

We are made up of 50+ dedicated professionals from various countries, cultures, backgrounds, and professional experiences. We are united in the desire to increase the usefulness of disparate healthcare data in order to better inform clinical decisions and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Our Investors

Our Values

We maintain integrity and honesty in everything we do

We respect diversity of thought and background

We treat others with respect and fairness

We collaborate and communicate openly

We learn from trying to solve tough problems

We embrace creativity

We celebrate accomplishments and have fun

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